Iphone holder


I read about some guys that use a tank bag to hold their Iphone. I was curious if any one has used a handlebar mount like the Ram one? I want to be able to see who is calling or texting, but don't want the big bag. Thanks
I drive my bike for work so I need to be able to answer the phone and see incoming text messages. I don't need to type them. Just see whats coming across the wire!
I am with you on this. I have speakers in my helmet and use a Shure iphone cable to answer calls hands free. When I hear a text message come in and have to pull to the side if the road to see it, would be nice to just look down and see it. Usually someone I am meeting on the bike giving me an update on their ETA.
Nothing it worth having that much distraction. I do put the iPhone in the outer pocket of the Joe Rocket Manta bag, but I'm not trying to read txt msgs, make/recieve phone calls, or even listen to music. My attention span is pretty narrow.
I mean, c'mon gentlemen...seriously?

You want to be able to read texts while you're riding?

This is a joke right?
I mean, c'mon gentlemen...seriously?

You want to be able to read texts while you're riding?

This is a joke right?

Its not a joke. Don't check it when your riding, have it on silent, when you come to a complete stop and have checked your sector, then you can glance at the phone. No harm, no foul.
I have a IPHONE clone (fake) that I sometimes use as a music player when I ride. It has velcro on the underside and is attached to a mount that comes out of the hole on the handle bars. I tried out my buddy's real IPHONE and found it was really hard to use the screen with gloves on. I only use the clone for music so it was a must I could change tracks while I ride! The clone's screen is not body heat activated so I can easily use the screen with my riding gloves on!

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Let me be more specific!!!!! The mount that attaches to the motorcycle. Not how the phone is attached to the mount!
I think it would be dangerous even if you stop at a light you still need to be wary of ignorant drivers not paying attention.
I kid you guys not....the other day I saw a guy on the freeway, iphone in hand at 70mph. I swear it looked like he was txting with his left hand!

I do ride connected to my ipod and cell, but typically don't answer the cell. I use it to know that I've gotten a call so I can check at the next stop.