iPhone holder on Hayabusa 01


I found useful to place an iPhone on my Hayabusa, not only for navigation, but also to be used with other apps like GPS measurements etc. To place it in the middle of handlebar was impossible, as I am using the tankbag, so I found a place on the brake fluid reservoir. The whole construction is very easy:

1) From sheet of tin cut into desired shape and dig holes. I let myself zinced to avoid rusting, it would be possible to do it from stainless steel as well. It is necessary to measure good, so that the phone does not crash in the windshield when the handlebars are in the side position (by turning etc.)
2) Buy iPhone holder on Ebay (6 USD)
3) Buy iPhone charger (6 USD)
4) Connect + pole on orange wire, + pole under the screw holding mask. Then charging works only when the key is on.
5) Place the charger under the right holder of mask and lead wire to the handlebar

Some pictures:



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