Introducing LCW!


Ok, I intro'd myself in the 1/4 mile section, but for those of you who don't care about that stuff, here I am again

My ugly side:

Well, welcome to the board. A great looking bike that I'm sure you will enjoy making race ready!
Welcome man!

Another 1/4 mile man Huh? Thats cool...Have fun and post time slips when you get em'...

Or maybe I need to drag my sorry ass on over to the 1/4 mile area once in awhile...
Wuzzz up LCW, I 'm diggn the santuary in the background (garage),never can have too many tools (my kind of Playa).

Welcome aboard .

Welcome. Excellent color choice. It is the fastest color you know. ;)

Keep the shiny side up!
Welcome lcw. Good luck on those 1/4 times, and pass on what tips you can tell us to become a little quicker too.
Blue and silver moves pretty good too. :beerchug:
Welcome welcome :newbie:

Glad to see you aboard...nice bike...thanks for posting pics right away! :D We're all suckers for pics!
Welcome to da board of supreme speed!

Once your not a  :newbie:  anymore you'll realize one thing...

Ya don'ts have to listen to what Revlis tells ya!!! :bowdown:


**Uh Yeah YA DO**  :devil:  OK OK, No ya don't...

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Well, you sure do make a guy feel welcome. Certainly one of the most pleasant boards I've been on :cool:

Longbow, most of the machinery in the background is my Dad's. He's storing/using it at my house until he builds his shop. In the meantime, we've put together quite a little mini-machine shop slash bike wrenching haven. Or, as Rhythm put it "sanctuary", I like that! Complete with motorcycle lift, Digital cable TV, and mini-fridge full of coldies, I tend to spend a lot of time out there. Is it any wonder I'm still single? :D