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Hey everyone... Im glad to be a part of the finest busa site on the net. Hope you guys can show me love like you did to my boy Kazzin, who is my best friend. I am the one with the ZX6R. Just got it on Wednesday. I love it, but its definately no busa. Been workin my butt off for this bike and will continue to do so till I get the busa. I am only 19 so I am pretty proud that I already have my own bike. I too am a student, I am enrolled at my local community college studying to become an X-Ray tech. Hopefully that will produce the funds for the busa. I work too much so I probably wont get to post a lot but look forward to hopefully getting some love. Thanks...
Welcome to the site, dude. You don't have to have a busa to have fun here... but it CERTAINLY helps. ;)

Now, dare I say it? Hell yeah, I'll say it! Post pics of your 6R... I ain't prejudice... I like all bike pics! Ok, maybe not Hardley cruisers. Hehehehe... :laugh:

By the way, my little sis is about to wrap up her radiologic technologies training. She already graduated from Emory University and now she's only a couple months from finishing advanced training. She has several hospitals trying to get her to go to work for them when she's done. Pretty nice offers coming her way from what I understand. She isn't into riding though. Maybe she'll buy me a second busa. :D

Again, welcome.

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Welcome to the board. I'm sure studying will keep you very busy and don't worry if that keeps you from riding. Education is a great thing! Enjoy the posts and we'll try not to make fun of that 6R too much. And post pics! :D
Thanks for the love BT Ill try to get some pics sometime. But like I said I wont have much time for riding much less posting. B/c we all know riding is more important than posting...right? Anyways thats cool for your sis I am hoping to get into Nuclear Medicine in the future cause I work at a hospital now and those dudes make the real chedder. Its alot of work but it will be worth it to come home, open the garage door and see a beautiful blue and silver Hayabusa asking me to rider her.
whats up breezy,

i guess i got to call u that on here dont I.

well your my best friend, and im glad u have joined the site.
cant wait to come home and show u how to ride your new bike for u. :super:

come every one show my dude the same love u guys have shown me. ( i know u all will) and when we get our busas, well meet ya at laguna :beerchug:


Welcome to the board, nothing wrong with the zx6r - plenty fast enough and light handling too. and nothing wrong with the color selection your looking at either :beerchug: :super: ... I guess I'm partial.

Pit Bull

Welcome to the board :beerchug:

You welcome here anytime...just don't bring the Kawasaki with you.

Just us some pics of your ride. :D

BulletTrain - What was that comment about H-D? You know I resemble that remark !
Welcome Fabreeze. My riding budding just bought a new ZX6R and loves it to death. Tests and reviews have show it to be a MONSTER 600!! Enjoy it and be safe. Are you saving for leathers now? $300 gets you covered :)
Welcome to the Board Breeze, lots to read and see...

Man, Pit Bull...You gotta give folks some warning...I was trying to eat here... :laugh: ;)
Yea, I know....I know.. When I had my hair bleached out I kinda looked a little like Eminem...... Now I look like RSD's baby brother - without all of the tattoos(Kinda miss ole' RSD, wish he'd pop in again from time to time just to say hey). I ll try and give ya'll some warning. :D

Pit Bull
here is a word of advice. Dont spend your student aid check on your bike or accessories.
I know some dude who spent 23oo on his down payment for his busa and now he has to make copies of the reading material required in his business class.:D
i hate making copies for the homework !!!
But i love riding wheelies by the hot women on campus
:D :D
Welcome to the site!  Lots of great stuff here that can apply to any bike not just the busa, lots of great people too.   ;)

I had a 6R too, Y2k.  Nice bike, it felt like a toy, so light and nimble.   I still can't believe the power they pack into it.  :tounge:   Have fun and ride safe!

Have a great day,


Welcome to the board...

Yeah, I'm with BT...go ahead and post pics of your "not-a-Busa"... :D
Good luck with college!
Man never thought Id get that much love just for showin up on the site. I have some bad news however.
When I picked up my "ZX6R" I took a closer look just to be sure and it turned out to be just a ZX6. The exact name on the title is a ZX600E. I was kinda upset but i figured its a good starter bike. But I know its def. not a busa. Ill still try to let you guys get a look at it soon as I have a chance.
Sorry for leading you guys on...
Thanks though