Interstate Covered Trailers, advice seeking


Guys, found a pretty decent deal on a 6X 10, ramp door, side entry door, venting, lighting, tie downs installed, single axle w ply tires new for 2700 dollars out the door...Would be interested in hearing opinions about Interstate Trailers...good or bad.

My other option is to buy a landscaping type trailer with 4 foot open steel side and back it in with thin aluminum or the stuff they use for semi tractor trailers...figure out how to have some sort of detachable ply cut into 3 pieces and slide them into some sort of "C" channel...or some sort of hinge mechanism on top... Remove tops to place bikes in and take 'em out... I have a 08 Busa and a track only 750 race bike.

No experience with this setup...Pulled many a ski boat to the Colorado river over the years but it was a twin axle and alot heavier...I have a 3/4 ton Ford Econoline conversion van...thanks for your time..2hip


I dont know about interstate trailers but I am using a 7x14 single axle U.S. Cargo. The largest you can now get with a single axle is 6x10.I pull it with my 05 Tahoe and have no probles with 2 bikes and loaded with lugage and gear for vac.Go with a enclosed. Safer


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no clue about how you get it to CA but for reference,

brand new dual axle 6x12 $2800
Buy & Sell New & Used Trailers 6x12 TANDEM Elite Series by KINGDOM 2010 cargo trailer at

brand new dual axle 7x14 $2900
Buy & Sell New & Used Trailers 2010 7x14 Cargo Trailer-V-Nose w/ Ramp Door-LOADED at

There's lots of them on there, those two are from the company I got mine from, think several others here did as well. Have a poke around that site, you might be surprised what you can find :beerchug:


That sounds like a pretty good deal on all of these trailers. I just need to get a place of my own so when I get an enclosed trailer I have a place of my own. :thumbsup:


I have a single axle 7x14. Pulls great.Plus no need for inspection with a single axle.I do have brakes on the single axle.

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