Intergrated tail issue!!!!


Hello everyone! I purchased a smoke integrated tail light off ebay and received it today. I'm having issues activating the brake light. When I press the brake the lights go out. I wired the blue and yellow wires for the signals and they seem to work good. One question about the signals... When I hook up the blue and yellow wires to the two signal wires. What do I do with the two negative prongs???? I know I sound stupid but wiring is not my thing.

This is for a gen 1
well, most integrated tails use the same setup. You have the passive and negative for the brake light and then the two wires for the turn signals. The factory turn signal negative is not used on the integrated task because it uses the ground/negative from the brake.

Check your connections if something didn't turn on or light up.
Factory harness for the brake light might be loose. I had to reverse one of the wires in the tail light connector because they put the wire in the wrong place so when I connected it to the factory harness it was not getting power when I hit the brake.
BINGO chaney3000, all three wires were in the wrong slot in the three prong clip. Thanks for your help, got it all figured out now. I'm pretty surprised how bright they turned out to be.