Interesting way to spend a double birthday.


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My wife and I were born on 22 August, her 1982, me 1970. For this year, we decided to just ask the other what they wanted, she wanted a bike.... Nordic Track Stationary type, so I went and got it. I wanted her to not get pissed at me for buying up as many "for sale" parts as I could find b/w 1 Aug and 22 Aug (and I bought quite bit), so she agreed. That was half the fun. Today, we finalized the sale of our Tennessee house, which has been a thorn in our side since we first moved out 4 yrs ago. Without time to set up a property manager, we rented to a "friend" and got scewed, then again. So we last time, 2yrs ago, we decided to fix it and leave it vacant. Time came to sell, so we did. Couldn't be happier, no more mortgage w/o tenants, free's up more $ for mods, savings and paying off other debt. Anyway, a bunch of friends asked where we were going/what we planned on doing for our dbl-day, and that was it.

Thanks BiG-T... I used to make some pretty slick LIIT's too
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