Interesting old school Spencer Replica


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Ddude just look at that 6-1 header and just in case the yonger guys did'nt know, It sounds even better than it looks! Actually, a tuned 78-79 CBX has the best sounding exhaust note of any motorcycle ever made! By the way do you have this bike?
Sold it a few months back after nearly 17 years. The going price on these, especially an early run first year like my 79 has sky rocketed. A man made me an offer when I wasn’t even selling it that I just couldn’t turn down, far more than high blue book is on my 06 Hayabusa LE! Rode it thru six NW states. Also had an 82 that I extensively toured on thru 11 states. Sold it with 106,000 miles on it to a guy in Nevada. Probably still running.

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