Interesting old school Spencer Replica

This is a mates old school racer he has been building for awhile , and has nearly completed . It has a warmed over '80's CB1100F Superbike Performance motor , housed in a braced CB900F frame with a braced Mcintosh swingarm . The bike is sporting some very nice quality components , such as the exquisite Ohlins conventional 43mm cartridge equipped fork , featuring axial mounts for the Brembo P4 calipers and at the rear end , twin Ohlins piggy back shocks . The era faithful Dymag 3 spoke magnesium wheels , the Agras triple trees , Woodcraft rearsets and the Striker hand bent titanium exhaust round out the special nicely . Won't be long now ,


till this bike gets to take to the track for a workout .
Sounds like ya really want to tell us .... not a riding drunk story is it .... being a pissed minda on a bike don't rate high on the smart measure chart bro !!

I meant to also list about the tank on my mates CB1100F , it is a beautiful aluminum crafted Japanese creation , ( I have forgotten the maker ) . Really , this bike is his version of a Sanctuary Motorcycles custom build , instead of Kawasaki tho , he went Honda .

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