intake cam?


was curious if anyone on here has done the 2 intake cam mod and what kinda hp is to be gained?


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I steer Busa guys towards degreeing the stock cams in to where the factory intended them for the power gain which is about the same amount up top but the stock cams degreed to Suzuki spec will have a good bit more power in the middle range . Or if the customer could only afford one cam  , maybe the little .330 lift WebCam exhaust to use with the OEM intake and here's why .

The Busa cam bucket has a .002 crown built into it for a purpose. This helps the lifter spin in the bore . The cam lobe should be concentric with the axis of the valve or center of the guide bore for this to happen and to prevent any potential for side load of the bucket in the bucket bore and any potential premature wear in these areas .

Center to center of the intake guides are 1.445 - Exhaust guides 1.350

This makes the intake cam lobe center , when used on the exhaust side over a millimeter off the guide bore center ..... half of .095 inch . Then there's the oiling galley and possible valve train harmonics coming into play .

I don't want to make anyone angry but I can't build them that way .

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3-6 hp up top usually . Mostly the power comes from bringing the exhaust lobe center line up out of the basement from the stock 99/100 centerline  to 105-108 .

Stock from factory ranges from 102-103 intake - 99-100 lobe center line exhaust cam .

I would want the stock cams on 106/103 with the base gasket removed to tighten the quench a little and a bit of added compression .

Those are the numbers Suzuki intended the bikes to have but assembly line engines are not only sometimes off from one another , they are far off those numbers .


I agree with degreeing the factory cam's. Do you have any suggestions for the 08 model as far as intake/exhaust lobe centers?