Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for motorcycles? I turn 19 on the 14th, i found my rate for progressive dropped almost $100 from 18-19yrs old, and its hard to find a good price especially on full coverage.
Call every single company you can find a phone number for!

I say this because you will find that the rates vary ALL OVER the map, from company to company, with no apaprent logic.

I am 51 years old, perfect driving record, and my quotes varied from a low of about $673 for full coverage with high coverage limits and a low deductible, to almost $3700 (!!) from one company that was particularly out ot lunch.

The best quote I got (might be very different for you) was from Nationwide Insurance. This was $100,000 / $300,000 / $50,000, with $250 deductibles on both comp & collision, for $673. I heard from a couple of people that they supposedly did better, but when I checked their coverage limits, they were lower limits than what I show above.

I think I would have gotten another few percent off if I had taken the MSF Experienced Rider Course BEFORE I bought the insurance. I took it after, and will ask about a discount upon renewal.
Shop, shop, shop... Sate Farm & Progressive have the best rates here, and Gieco has also dropped rates down in recent years. But rates change around the country.
For example:

23yr old, no tickets or accidents on record:

Progressive with 500 comp 500 collision deductables, minimum 15/30/5, I got a quote of $3997/6 mos.

State Farm matched coverage on my truck (100/300/100, 250 deduct for both comp and collision) on my NEW '01 busa (1 mile) @ $500/6mos.

Catch with state farm is that you must register your car with them, too... Fine with me, they saved me about $250/6mos on my truck insurance.

At 18, you will have lots of trouble getting good insurance. Hell, I didnt get good insurance 'till this year (turned 23).

Oh, and skip Allstate, they dont insure bikes anymore. :hammerhead:

got my insurance through gmac no tickets license for 3 years motorcycle 785 a year ,but a 1.000 21 and they dont care if u have a car....200 more for a 250 deductable
Shop, each state is different.

In my 40's
No tickets
max coverage

Connecticut $950/ full year.
You guys are damn lucky you don't live in NJ I'M in my 40's no points $1400/yr with 2 trucks on policy been quoted up to 5600/year.Insurance is off the hook.
you guys lucky i'm 17 and my insurance is 3500 a year it sucks but i'm taking the expericed drivers course soon so my insurance might drop i go with geico
I think im gonna do everything i can to lower insurace, so far i will get the following for discounts:

1. MSF (10% discount, if you havent taken it, do so. some places give 20% discount for taking msf course)

2. Alarm (active ignition disableing)

Anything else i can do to lower insurance before i go witha company?

So far liability coverage is $472/yr , Comprehensive + Collision is $9840/yr, thats over $800 per month, even if i get in a accident it will most likely cheaper to fix it my self. Unless theres extensive engine damage. How much is new plastics ?(I plan on getting a copper set with '02 tank)
Honestly guys, if you are under 23 you will most likely get fed the fat one by the insurance companies if you want anything but liability.

Sad truth.

lowest i could find is 7600/yr

im 18
turn 19 5 days lol

highest i found was over 11000 a yr

well screw that u can get a bad ass new busa every year for that

insurance is like the only thing holding me up from gettin one yet

oh well
im patient enough i can last

(for a lil while longer lol)
insurance is 1200 a yr for full coverage. I checked most places and went to an independent small dealer who checked his sources..... and i've got 3 points on my license for an at faualt accident with another accident reported that wasn't my fault. The insurance agent informed me that once you move beyond a 750 on sportsbike insurance rates go up drasticly..

However, mine was pretty much the same from 600/750/1300cc .I'm hoping its less when my points are removed

23 yrs old, 2 speeding tix last 2 yrs
* all quotes are for a year, not 6 months
$460CDN minimum coverage (PLPD or somethign)
didn't even ask how much full coverage was
$300CDN minimum coverage for my katana 750
$1500+CDN full coverage

but i think those numbers r real good seeing as my civic is $2200CDN minimum coverage, again, didn't ask how much full coverage was. altho my insurance rates would go down if i had continued coverage on the civic, i save too much driving the bikes all spring/summer/fall and only driving the car in the winter.

Many of you know I don't own yet, but I'm a big fan of the Busa, and am working towards getting one very soon.

I just got off the phone with my homeowner's insurance, and she quoted me $304.00 per year, COMPREHENSIVE coverage!

Sometimes, it pays to be old. Yes! The things I got goin' for me are: I'm 34, married, own a house with the same insurer, have the car covered with the same insurer.

You gotta love it.

My newest quote from State farm is $71.00 / 6 mos liability only. Comp is another $123.00 / 6 mos

I think I'll go self insured on the collision. If I wreck it better be someone elses fault or if I was dumb enuff to crash on my own I better be willing to eat it. $11000 - Just my opion ... and I know more about my opinion than anyone - Kent
35 year old fart, no tickets. 410 for full coverage with Farmers on my '02. Used to have State Farm until I tried to make a claim...Never hope you need to make a claim with those idiots!!