Insurance for a newbie?


My wifes friend just picked up a Ninja 250, she's never ridden before and she's 25 years old, she takes her MSF class next week and should get her license shortly after,

I have all our bikes under USAA , so I really dont have any experiance with other companys,
she's not in the military so she's going to have to go with one of the regular  companys,
I know about Progressive , but I really dont know of any other Ins co's who give decent rates on bikes,
and we would appreciate any  recomendations.
so once again
New license
25yr old female
250cc Ninja
will have a MSF certificate.

who should we check with??
Thanks Brian


State farm brother.  I wouldn't expect a payment above $400 a year full coverage for the wife.


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state farm is the only way to go...needs to be included with other insurance's such as other vehicles, homeowner's, renter's, etc. to get the best deal


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I'm with AAA. Paying $600/yr

State Farm quoted me for the same price too. Chec into multi vehicle discounts.


Im getting a bike in January after my truck is paid off. I have State farm and have checked insurance prices on about 2 dozen different bikes from gixxer 600's to ducatis to triumphs harleys and of course the busa. It didnt matter what bike I called to ask about they said 40 a month for some up to 58 a month for the ducati.. the busa clocked in at a hardcore 48 dollars a month. Thats less for full coverage than I paid for just liability on my first car when I was 18.. and it was a 400 dollar P.O.S.

State farm has the best prices on bikes. Allstate told me 3500 a year for a busa I just called them for snorts and giggles and boy did I get one. They asked me what was funny and I told them what SF would do. I asked what if I moved my car and truck over and have all the discounts and stuff.. They said the busa would then be around 2950 a year. I told them to have a good day and try not to go out of business too quick when everyone with a motorcycle found out how much cheaper State farm is. Plus my agent is the father of a girl I went to school with and every time I go in there he will stop what hes doing and chat me up for at least an hour.

Ive checked progressive.. Geico, allstate, and tons of local independent agents and even if I moved all my insurance over to them they still cant get under 2000 a year for a busa. HA


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All I can add is pay the best price you can find for the proper insurance that you need !!!!!!!!
And Do Not Forget to Pump up the medicals. ( Very Important ) !!!!
Over and out,

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