Instrument panel


Hi folks. Just bought a 2017 Hayabusa 1300RSA and was wondering if there is a way to see my mph on the instrument panel in a digital format? I'm wondering if where the gear shift position is showing on the panel (#4) in the picture, can it be changed? If not is it possible to see it anywhere digitally? Th

inst panel.PNG
anks in advance.
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The answer to your question is no...that has been the question for a while and also the question on the gen 3 panel...

There are aftermarket panels by @smithabusa which replaces your stock gauges which have a digital read-out.
Thank you so much for this answer. I've spent hours on you tube and google trying to figure this out! You are awesome and stay safe out there!
Hey guys. I want to do mods on this bike, but not sure where to take it to. I'm in Harrisonburg, VA 22801. I'm wanting to stretch it out 6, put a turbo on, possible nitro and an awesome lighting setup. I'm open for suggestions.......does anybody have a good company they would recommend? My budget is between $10-15k to upgrade it