Installing Evil 9/11 over swingarm with revalved shock and R1 rims! Any advice before diving in?

Jeremy Godo

So I am doing a longer arm. I bought a 9 to 11 over arm from my friend Chris who built my motor. I have a revalved shock to install and I just purchased this chain to put on. EK 530 160 link 3D chain.

I was at 6 over with a stock shock and stock rims. I hope this swap helps my launches. I am not sure if I should set it at 9 or 11 inches. I have a 44 tooth back sprocket and 16 front sprocket.

Any wise ones out there that can lend their thoughts on this setup..


I would go as long as you can. Go on to and enter you bike and check gearing there. I would gear it so you in the top of 6th at the finish line.

Jake whitebird

Removing the stock arm, and chain are straight forward as long as you have the pivot but socket, and axle hex bit. Then the shock will go in easy, do you have a heavier spring to go with the longer length? I went with 1100#, 1000# was recommended at my length and 210 suited weight. I don’t have my length, but 17/43 gearing maxxed out 150 links.

Jeremy Godo

Im going to set it up to go over 10 just in case the chain stretches. I also have an aluminum subframe to install and a 6 over tail section thats fiber glass. I think she will be mostly strip and weekend rides on the street. I love racing much more then trying to go slow on the street. I am gonna add a clutch or spray next. Still deciding.

As far as the spring its completely setup for my weight and 9 to 11 over. The guy I got it from was running 8.9s with it at 9 over with stock motor and basic mods. He did go to rickey gadsons school tho. As for me I am a beginner and happy that I'm running in the 9s at 6 over. I know I can get a 8 sec pass if I work on my launch and drop weight with setup suspension.

Johnnie Phatt

I understand the long swinger controls front end lift but with that much length do you have trouble with wheel spin and loss of traction?

Jeremy Godo

Ok i have my new arm on and the 6 over tail is way too short. Can i get a gen 2 8 over tail to fit. Should i go with 12 over or 8 over. My arm is 9 to 11 over.

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