Installed smog block off plates now FI lamp comes on!

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I got a B-King, yes I know this is the Busa site but since it share most of the engine parts I thought I ask here.
Tried to find a solution what to do to fix my FI light that comes on since I removed the Pair system.
Also I can not change the info on the dash like odo, trip reading e.t.c. since the FI light is flashing there as well.
I did attach the Solenoid that I removed without re-install the hoses but the light still comes on.
One bloke said I could put a 20 ohm resistor and jump the connector but I`m not that sure anymore.
Any ideas or do I have to re-install the lot again?


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not sure about the BKing, but did you block off 2 vacuum hoses? The Busa has one that goes to the air box and one that goes to #4 throttle Body.

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I took everything off (Solenoid, hoses e.t.c.) and blocked the hole from where the hose was in the air box with a plug that came with the block off plate kit.

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might want to pull the FI code.. could be totally unrelated and you accidentally knocked something loose or forgot to put it back on.. (like temp sensor on airbox)

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Actually I did touch that sensor, will have a look at it when I get some time as it will take time with the King, cheers!

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Yes it was one connection (sensor) that was not attached, I think I was in a hurry to try out the installation of my new after market filter and Velocity stacks.
Hope I did not damage the engine in any way!!!
Have to look up what the sensor does, it is not the one in the middle.
At least the FI lamp stop when I put back the Solenoid, now I just need a resistor instead of it which should make it normal.
Thanks for your input.

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