Install lock set?


Hey guys i just purchased a lock set for my 06 hayabusa since i lost my keys and was wondering how tough the install would be on the ignition? I don't have many tools at my disposal, and i'm not exactly a monkey wrench. I was going to have it done at a dealer, but everyone i've called is backed up at least a week and i need the bike by the weekend. OR if someone wants to make a few dollars and teach a young boy some skills by installing it for me that would be appreciated :thumbsup: (i'm located in columbus). I know that's a long shot, but i NEED to get this installed. Thanks guys!
Good luck with your endeavor. Someone with some knowledge on this kinda thing will prolly post up soon. I'm sure the dealer will charge an arm and a leg for something of the sort. And not sure if there is a special tool or not for the ignition.
You will need to get a set of security torx bits. I forget size, but you should be able to get them at the local store. If you don't know security torx bits are the same as regular torx bits except they the are hollow in the middle (accepts the post on the screwed head). You will need to take off the necessary plastics to get in there since it's secured through the fairing stay. Let me see if I can find some pictures...
(sighs)...i'm guessing i'll be getting a little over my head here if i try to do this myself. I guess i'll just get an appointment with the dealer....unless someone here wants to help me :poke:
It's not that hard, just a little time consuming. If you know how to take your fairings off, including the nose piece you will have no problem. Heck, I don't even know if you need to remove all of them. Locating the security type torq bits could be the hard part, but if you have a radio shack, frys electronics, or something like that you will have no problem locating them for around $10
Well, I don't know what I was talking about before, I guess I did the work while I was replacing fairings and fairing stay, that's why I got all confused and not having the bike here to reference or the pictures... I was way off.

Well, I found my pictures. It looks like you might need to take the upper tripple tree clamp off. You are in luck too, I found some pictures...

Bottom of the top clamp...
mm thanks for the pictures..i guess i'll give it a shot, but before i do, know that i literally have zero experience with taking apart bikes, cars, engines, anything, ect.....should i still go ahead with it? How about a step by step instruction :laugh: ...but thanks again.
I really don't know what to tell you. To me, it's pretty easy, I just fumble my way through it and I have not done it lately so I don't have the steps memorized. But, it's pretty easy if you are at all comfortable with tools... The only other item of concern is getting the castle nut off and back on to the right torque...