Inner nose fairing trim mounts

Not sure what to call these things, but on the inside of the nose fairing, on the right and left sides just under the right and left sides of the windscreen, are mounts that seem to be glued to the nose fairing where the black dash trim mounts to (with push pins). My right-hand side one is missing (missing when I got the bike). Does anyone know of a way to get a replacement that doesn't involve the whole nose fairing? Any creative solutions?

The dash trim just sits a little loose on that side -- not the end of the world. I just don't love things sitting loose on this bike.

Attaching pics if that helps.

Kiwi, I think we're talking different things. I have the part #7 and #8 from that diagram (94641-24F00-000 and 94651-24F00-000), but the upper corners of those attach to a piece of plastic glued into the fairing via push pins. If you look at the left pic vs the right pic, you can see it is missing on the right.
Unfortunately, I don't have the piece -- it's been missing since I got the bike. Good to know they can be glued back on. If I could find one...

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