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Right now I have an Honda 954 and I love it. But being left by gsrx 1000 and 750 keeping up with me. I think it's time for a change. I went to look at the Busa and feel in love with it. I am 5'8 190. Do you guys think I should jump to such a bike like the Busa. My girl like to ride a lot, and the seats on the busa is comfortable. Any feed backs.
Welcome to the site as far as the Busa goes I say do it.......
It really comes down to personal choice and Money. Every bike has pro's/con's you have to decide what your ready for and how much your willing to spend...............
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954 to Busa, no problem I say.
The seat is excellent for two up, and the bikes are wickedly fast.
You won't have to worry about gettin whipped by any other bikes in the straights, save for maybe a heavily modified 1000,
another Busa or a piped ZX12 with a power commander.
Then again what's to stop you from going crazy on your Busa mods right, then you will be safe from all.
Good luck, rideout.
Make sure you treat the beast with respect.
When I signed up in this forum, I was considering buying a Busa. Unfortunetly I haven't bought it yet, and I still don't know when I will be able to purchase one.

The main reason I want this bike is confort for 2up - ( and speed ;-) ). Everyone here says lots of good stuff about the Hayabusa!!! Of course, almost everyone here has one or more, so it is hard to hear anything bad about the beast that we all love...

But still EVERY bike has its flaws and I would sincerely like to know which are hayabusa's main flaws... Please help me, answering this, because I would like to get acquainted with bike before I buy it.

(Mistakes are not on purpose. English is not my native language!)
In my humble opinion, at THESE levels of bikes, the 'flaws' come down to personal preferences:
My busa could have lower pegs [I'm 6'1" with long legs]
I wish it were less hunched over [but it wouldn't be sporty then] but I have long arms and that helps.
um... hmmmm.... nothing else comes to mind
Only had mine 2 days and been on it once.   ;)

Seriously, I was scoping the R1 and GSXR1000 but I went Busa for a couple of reasons that did not involve genitailia size:
1)  I used to have a tuned up Ninja 1000 and downgrading speed was not an option [thus R1 or GIX1K] so I was used to a heavier bike and the Busa came to mind
2)  I was set to buy an R1 and discovered deep in my soul I wanted a bike that I could ride longer distances too [R1 was out - too racey and track like, gixxer was out before R1 as many testers were wrecking them with that insane power to weight ratio] Busa's ergo's were SAID to be better in that reguard and it did feel better to me having sat on all 3
3)  I started reading how the R1 was a wheelie monster - again with the power/weight thing.  I don't mind wheeling but not accidentaly all the time.  Busa can wheelie but the weight keeps it down for better traction also
4)  Wind shear - on a heavy bike at higher speeds or on highways with traffic and cross winds I think a small bike would suck [read: feel unsafe even if it was, especially to an occasional passenger]
5)  At the dealer I sat on both the 1300 and the 1000 and the 1000 felt like a cheap plastic chew toy for nearly the same money.  I know light=speed but side by side the Busa was a mercedes
6)  one of the biggest things for me was maybe that Busa was my dreambike since I'd first gotten into cycling about 4 years ago.  NEVER EVER thought I'd EVER get one but here I is!  
 Saved up for 1.5 years and paid cash:  $9949 [total tax, paper, delvery] plus my old KAW1000 trade in at $1100. Maybe I was ripped off, I don't know or care, it was fine by me.
7)  I happen to love the unique look of the bike as it reminds me of those cool cycles used in Japanimations , you know the super futuristic ones that simple don't exist?  This seemed closest to that to me.  The Aprilla Futura was neat for a week, but getting one and getting service would be impossible to me.

Since I seldome [read: never] ride on a race track, the R1 and GIX1000 stopped appealing to me, and the Busa encompassed NEARLY the same speed [even better on the top which I'll never see] and better long ride ergo's.  Better for a passenger too should I decide for that option.

So, I feel the flaws are subject to personal preferrences.  I'm sure there weird mechanical things here and there but I think ALL bikes have that as part fo a physical world.

Decide what it is you  really like to do and go from there.  I enjoy some novice twisties, love hammering it on a long strait and feeling like an arrow, want alot of comfort along with a little extra weight to stay nose down and wind resistant.  Busa seemed to cover everything.

I don't count the accelleration compared to the 1000's as a flaw when I throw in the other parts it does better.  It's all a trade off somewhere. Whatever you get, you can ALWAYS make it go even faster with extra parts.... I won't be needing any.

BTW  I thought your english was perfect.

WWJD said
"I don't count the accelleration compared to the 1000's as a flaw when I throw in the other parts it does better. It's all a trade off somewhere. "

Are you saying the accelleration is slower than 1000s here in this statement?
Or are you saying on a par with 1000s?
Or are you saying being the best over the 1000s?

What do you mean?
Not quite as quick off the line but only by tenths.  I'll probably catch heck for my statements.  Feel free to correct me.  

quarter mile (sec. @ mph)  
60-80mph time (sec.)  
80-100mph time (sec.)  
top speed (mph)

YZF-R1 ('02)     10.10@141.75  2.79  2.97  169  
GSX-R1000 ('02) 9.92@144.96  2.83  3.01  177  
GSX1300R ('99)  9.97@144.80  3.28  3.47  189.6  
GSX1300R ('01)  10.237@140.54  n/a  n/a  183.9

Since I'm 99.999% street riding, I don't care about the numbers.
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I have yet to find anything I don't like about the Busa. I don't know anything about the 954 but keep in mind that the Busa weighs in at 500 pounds. If you ride hard take some time to get used to the added weight before you go diving into a corner.