info needed


ok i need to know for apretty much stock busa where does the torque come on. i need to know what the torque band is and the ideal shift points are.. yeah i have the hmf's on and my pc3r isnt here yet but on order.. and it hasnt had any gearing changes.. now im thinking about changing the gearing to so if u wanna give me those ideal shift points and info that would work.. and what were the recommended sprocket changes to run with a gixxer1k up to 130? the reason i ask.. lets just say there was no real declared winner of a few roll ons last nite with a friend that has a modified zx9 (it has a muzzy 998 kit in it). it was my first anything like that and missed shifts and went up against the govenor b4 shifting into 4th.. i also think i was in to hi of a gear.. he was starting in 2nd where i was starting in 3rd.. rollons at about 65 to 130-140.. i need to spank his ass and need the info to tune my shift points big time!
Get your bike on a dyno. It will let you know exactly what you need to know.

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