Info Needed,, Cloud Storage??


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Hello, im lost here, i need input om personal storage.
Im looking to have a second back up to the the Cloud.
Im looking into Personal external hard drives to have an extra back up.
And i want it to be Mirror Image.
I've been looking at the following,
I looking to have everything save, on our devices, the Cloud, and a dual back personal cloud.

We just recently have a drive crash in Jens Laptop. The last physical back up was done back in Feb, so 8 months of docs was lost. What a nightmare, since Jens laptop, hold all of the important info.
Am i over thinking this, or am i looking into the correct direction?

Input please.


I use a readynas for my storage and image files for every PC in the house. It is a little more expensive but it is expandable. I started with 8 TB and never dreamed I would ever run out of space, but I have had to add two more disks to the system so far..
Trueimage is a program that I use to take scheduled snap shots of the various PC.


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Readnas is a great option. Honestly you do not need 3 sites for back up. What are the chances 2 crap at once? Slim very slim. I do not suggest any type of hosted or cloud based storage. It is not private at all. A networked nas will be plenty capable of handling home back ups etc. Get a double drive with (2) 8 terabyte drives. If you have more info than that for home and personal life you are a pack rat! Set backups on pcs to go weekly overnight, all done.


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I am a big fan of Synology, you can go from 2 drives to shelves of you want.. The DSM OS gives you automatic backups to the cloud, you can have your onsite storage and let the box backup to Google Drive, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier or even Dropbox... Lots of options...

Getn off

I lost everything twice. I bought a cheap external HD that plugs into a usb. I copy my regular hd onto it every 6 months.
I fear "the cloud." I hate computers. And they know.


Formerly known as viperblackbusa.
Troy thats about as good of way as any. I think i would back up a little more often than 6 months though. That is unless you want to miss 6 months of stuff. That being said if all you do is surf net etc, dont bother.


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We have two of the exact same laptops and use EZGig to duplicate the windows image every night and use FBackup as well to have a remote backup of just data.


Happened to me many times before, so i decided to by an external HD for back up. remember to always always back up


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I only back up photos and I do it on my computer, my phone, flash drive, Amazon prime, and Costco


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A couple of good services out there.. Google Drive 10 bucks a month for a terabyte of storage with unlimited resizing of pics to a standard size.. or if you have Amazon Prime you can get unlimited hosting for 60.00 a year.....
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