indiglow gauges

Anyone seen these?  Or better yet, installed them?

They look pretty clean!
I have these on my black LE pretty cool they have 2 colors Blue and Green, with a dimmer as they can get pretty bright at night. The install is pretty easy untill you get to the part where you have to give them juice...make sure you splice the correct wire...the first time I did it I spliced the wrong wire and had the guages flash each time I use the left signal light...if you are worried about the install then dont...its pretty simple....a lot of people like the reverse but I used the all glow ones...pretty cool
I use the custom gauges from Speed Hut. They cost a lil more but you can customize them just about anyway you want. Just click on the lower link and check them out.
Speed Hut Gauges
here is my setup from speed hut- Im considering sending it out ot get the ornage clock and odometer changed to blue LED's also. If more of you are interested maybe we could catch a break on the price. Let me know.

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I agree that the Speed Hut Gauges are a lil bit more money but you can customize them the way you want.

These next 2 pictures are of the gauges before I put them in.

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Here the next one, Also it comes with a dimmer and you can change the color from Blue to Green.

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I know I said 2 pics but I found 1 more. The one above is Green this is Blue.

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Alright you guys sold me...I'll most likely be going with the speed hut setup.  When...not sure...but I'll have a set.

Oh does anyone have the inverted ones? I would like to see how that would look. The regular ones has just alittle too much light going on for me.
I made my own and few for other board member.

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One mo fo da road. Yes these are all custom made by me and my homie 469boy. Sorry but I'm taking a summer vacation and will not be producing anymore till this fall so when I start it back up you betta jump on it cuz we only make'm during the winter months for $145 any design you can amagine we can do it .

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Future gauges will look like this with the black bar moved to the outside of view. They will no longer be noticable when the top is put back on.

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