Where are good places to go around Indianapolis, I only know of the straights around avon in the cornfields.
I'm on the northeast side of Indy and there are a few good roads around here. Almost all are pretty short, but here are a few:
Sargent Road
Fall Creek (from Kessler all the way thru Geist)
River Road by Keystone At the Crossing from 86th to 96th
Ride Safe
If you want an good ride you can take 37 to bloomington and ride 46. it is a good ride done it several times my self and with friends....
I ride a busa and live in Cincinnati but I would recomend 135 south thru Nashville and south to Rt. 50. Many curves, straights and all. Watch out for the deer.
Indianapolis speedway?
I live on the eastside of Indy. We normally just cruise around the city on the weeknights and weekends we normally go down south or out to the industrial parks and there are some with pretty far straights for fun and for stunting. A lot of us go out and watch other people stunt if you wanna meet up sometime this summer hit me up at or 317-945-2160 my name is James/Jimmy/Phat Jimmy. My bikes currently in the makeover process with custom paint/airbrushing polished frame lot of extras. hit me up and we'll ride this summer!!