In case you haven't heard....


2nd place finisher in the North Atlantic Post Vintage Cross Country Open Class Motorcycle Race is........StromBusa...

WILDRIDE-MX 215 (3).jpg
Sweet. I had the last year of the air-cooled YZ and the first year of the water-cooled YZ 250. I feel old. :laugh:

That's cool your able to still get out there and ride. I haven't been on MX bike well since I 1st got on a crotch rocket :whistle: I'd like to but if and when I do have free time my Busa comes 1st!! No loading up dealing with tie downs and gas cans. I just hop on and ride. The best part is not having to hose the bike down and yourself before your able to go inside the house :lol:
Very good! I've recently had thoughts of doing dirt again. Alas - i put on my thinking cap and took a stroll down memory lane. I remembered the last summer I rode dirt I had 3 offs the worst of which resulted in a severely dislocated shoulder which still bothers me today. Also - remembered more healing and wrenching than riding. So after a lucid moment I reevaluated and now I'm thinking maybe I'll rig up a wee V strom or sump'in for some off road adventure touring. I've been on just about every paved road worth riding in my and 3 adjacent states. Been down many of the gravel and dirt roads too - it's just not that much fun on a big street bike - B-King, Harley, or Concours.

Congratulations - maybe first next time.

Here's a picture of my Gixxer after losing the pavement.

Super Bowl Ride 053.jpg

Super Bowl Ride 054.jpg

Super Bowl Ride 055.jpg
Thanks guys, the hard part was adjusting to all the tire sliding. I was "Joe Dirt Bike" back in the day, I guess you can never forget, but you can get real rusty...and out of shape. It was like torture the first day of practice (the morning after was OMG).. one tank of race fuel and I was getting back to instinct. After ~30 miles of woods, mud, trees I was thinking I should move to the city.. But, I'm real happy now that I gave it a go. Pretty sure that the Busa would have choked on some of that course lol. I think I will order brakes for my YZ... And did I mention that you cannot have enough bikes...