In case of emergency!


I like the "SOUND" of the idea, however after investigating 14 years of traffic crashes, more fatal's than Id like to share I have to say that with everything going on that the cell phone is usually never "FOUND" during the 1st few min's that information is needed.  The "ICE" idea has been around for quite awhile.  Never passed around at the post ref doing it.  Quicker for us to contact the registered owner and look for a driver's license.  We have to make contact with significant others in PERSON anyway.  During the crash the phone is usually thrown the furthest, crushed, covered in guts, or under a jammed seat.  Purse and wallet are usually kept more sacret.  IMO please put a laminated UPDATED card in your wallet/purse in the FRONT with

NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, EMERGENCY CONTACT #, SPOUSES INFORMATION, ALLERGY INFORMATION, and any serious medical information.  It's the first place "WE" look! If everyone would attache a lugguge tag inside the young childs pocket with that on there man would my job be easy when mom's hurnt and knocked out, we can get family to JR.


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Being an avid Mountain Biker doing some pretty gnarly rides (our motto was Any Ride That Ends In a Chopper was a Good Ride) we had contact info straps on our ankles. In the event of a trauma situation they usually cut your pants off first and there it is around the ankle. I would have it on for days cause you didnt even notice you had it on. i think they were like 5 or 10 bucks.

last year i came upon an accident and the emergency personnell stated that the hospital would make contact. i found the cell phone, contacted family and they were waiting on the victim at the hospital. we were seting in the emergency room waiting area when the hospital called them, hows that for expedient. The ICEd phone would have saved me about 15 minutes of scrolling through the phone and playing the guessing game. The family was very greatful for my call. i think ICEd phones is a great idea, better than nothing. hope none of you ever need it.

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