Importing a 'busa from canada


Anyone here done it?  I found what seems to be a great deal north of the border on a new '01 or '02.  I just want to make sure there are no surprises after I hand over the cash.  The dealer I talked to said that he could get the bike through customs and have it delivered for about $1400 less than US MSRP.  Who here has done this before?  Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated.
See your post on the other board.

It should be around $9200-9400 to your door. From what I was told, they will change out the faceplates on the speedo, but remember that the odometer will still read kilometers. Also, the warantee issue is a bit sketchy. Look around. You might be able to find dealers here selling around the same OTD if you are willing to drive or have it shipped.
Yeah, that's the deal I was quoted for a new 2002. $9400 delivered to closest drop-off point for the transport company. I travel pretty regularly from Corpus Christi to the New Orleans area so I'll be shopping for a deal all along that route too. Didn't think about the speedo/odo before, shouldn't be too difficult to convert from metric to english...... or is it?