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Hi my name is Nick. I can't help but stare everytime i pull up at a light next to a Hayabusa. It is the most beautiful bike i have ever seen. I relaly want to start riding. I have never been on a bike and i am looking for some advice for a good bike to start out on. My goal is ultimately to own a Busa but i know that will have to wait a lil. So any help is appreciated, I am in south florida incase location makes a diff for what bike to start with.
Your first bet would be to take the MSF course in your area that will give you the basic's of motorcycle riding then I would start with a 6oocc bike. Like a honda cbr 600 or a kawasaki zx6 or a gsxr 600 or a yamaha yzf r6. If you are a big person I would try the honda or kawasaki first because the other 2 bikes have a very tight seating position for a big person.............good luck........................................knebnr
I would start out with a Suzuki SV650, GSX-R600, CBR 600, or any low cc bike like that. I would consider buying used also. Take a safety course and learn as much about the bike as possible.

You really have to respect sportbikes. They can and will bite you in the ass if your ego gets in the way. I have seen to many newbies get on these bikes and end up in the hospital.

Heres a little story for ya about a 21 year old kid who had never been on a bike and buys a Hayabusa. I am in the parking lot of the local dealer picking up some bolts and they are just pulling the Busa out to the front of the parking lot. I was making some small talk with him about riding and him saying he had rode before and was very experienced on sportbikes. I told him be very careful, the Busa is no ordinary sportbike. The salesman went over all the info on the bike and so forth and he proceeds to get on the bike. He starts it up and revs the bike real loud, puts the bike into 1st, revs it up real loud and guess what he did next.................dumped the clutch!!
What an idiot...the bike of course does a huge wheelie and slams into the curb totalling the plastics and frame
I just shook my head!!

Be careful whatever you buy, but have fun....its what it is all about.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I had heard about the riding classes but no one knew the website or number or even the real name for it. Thanks you all have helped out alot. I am not that big 5'11" 155lbs so i have been told a suzuki 600gsx or 750 would be the best bikes to start on by alot of people. Do you all think that i should definately stick with a 600cc bike for starts. and it will definately be a used bike.
600 is still a fast bike and it gets me every time someone says it's a good starter bike. Sure, compared to the busa, it's nothing, but it's still fast enough to screw up big time and it's edge on handling is useless until you fully understand and practice head-turns, leaning and avoiding the dreaded target-fixation.

However, I'm not saying that a 600 wouldn't be a good starter, but at the same time, you need to be careful.

In the end, there is no 'right' answer when it comes to what is good to start. Everyone learns at a different rate. Some have started out on busas and other large bikes and have been successful in mastering it (knock on wood). Others couldn't handle a 50cc bike if their lives depended on it. I think you'll know where you stand after you take the MSF.
The name of the game here is respect and common sense. All of the guys that have posted so far are telling you the truth, don't buy a Hayabusa just because someone has told you it's the best (it is) but buy something that you can be happy and alive on. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 8 and the Busa still makes me pucker every once in a while. The 600cc bikes are a blast to ride, and anyone that says that they are not fast enough to get you hurt is plain stupid. The lower cc bikes of today would romp all over the older large bikes. So don't try to compete with the Jones' until your ready. If you are confident and know that you have enough discipline and common sense from "dumping the clutch" like heatmizerrr said then I say go for it. Just don't let others talk you into doing stupid stunts and high speed passes until you are ready. Of course take a class to learn to ride there is no such thing as pride in the afterlife !!!
I'm in the same boat as ASAPHayabusa. I'd love to get a hayabusa for my first bike, but I know It would be too much to start off with. I'm 6'2" almost 200. what bike would you guys recommend for me?

Look into a Kawasaki ZX6E, The "E"model is not as racey as the "R". Plenty of power too...how does 150 mph sound? 600cc bikes can really get out and move, they are very nimble as well. The thing to look for in a first bike, is fit. buy the bike that fits you, not because everyone else has one. Next is practicality. Do your homework by sitting on the bikes, feel their comfort level in relation to you, look over the features, instrument cluster etc. Buy what feels right.

I'm gonna say dirt bike. You're gonna drop the bike, must more forgiving in the dirt than on the street. And yes, even though it is a lot different riding, you're gonna learn stuff you can use on the street.
I am 6'5 230lbs and I really only fit well on the Busa. I had not rode in 5 years prior to buying the Busa 2 years ago. I totalled my Busa only 1800 miles later, because I was not patient and very inexperienced on a Hayabusa I overshot a turn. Of course the bike was replaced with another Hayabusa and I took the time to learn and get used to it. I have not had an accident since(Knock on Wood) The hayabusa is a very friendly bike IMO, but can also be extremely evil and unforgiving. All bikes from 500cc on up to the Busa, all can be and are dangerous, just take into account that rider error makes up for most accident. Respect the bike and it will respect you. You are going to buy whatever you want as long as your pocketbook can handle it. Be careful and be respectful and you will get years of enjoyment from any bike you chose to buy.
I dunno about where you guys are, but "INSURANCE" is a real killer :hammerhead: .  Get another bike, build up some NCB then get a BUSA.  

Soon..... ONE will be mine too.  
I dont see what the big deal about riding a busa is...iv never been on a bike and i got the busa as my 1st bike at age 18 im now 19..i havnt had any probs riding the bike normal. well k i ` hats like after 1 year of riding exp doing a wheelie..

1 year is not much to boast about. Never brag about not having accidents, it is not healthy. Stay safe.
There are many different bikes and many different types of riders . There are alot of older bikes that are great for all sorts of riding . For a bigger person a bike like the fj1200 or vfr 1000 are competent sport touring models . I owned an fj 1100 for years before I bought my busa & I find my busa too be just as comfortable but a hell of lot faster.
For smaller riders all the 600's are pretty good watch out for the 2 cylinder models though never felt like a real street machine to me. Older 750's are powerful but not to much too handle. The newer 750's can pack quite a wollop.
 Crashes happen I have been ridding for over 14 years and crashed my busa . It happens be ready all it takes is a patch of sand a spill of diesel fuel or someone who doesn't see you, to ruin a perfectly good ride.
Good luck on your search for your perfect starter bikes Be careful have fun.
If you fall of a horse get right back on
Start out with a bike that you first feel comfortable on and feel you will be able to control. Usually smaller is better, however it's going to vary from bike to bike. A beginner could probably get away with a large cruiser while a 600cc sport bike might be too much. take the MSF course, they provide the bikes, kind of gauge from there were you want to go. A SV650 is a very good place to start out.
Its been over a year since the first post! Does anyone know if he got a bike or not?
A few other bikes to consider would be
Honda VFR 750 or 800
Suzuki Katana 750
Yamaha yzf 600

just my $0.02
good luck
My first bike is a Katana 750 even though I've been riding 125cc m/cycles in India since I was 14(now 27). I dropped the katana the first day while putting down the side-stand. I dont regret it much as it was already a dropped used one for $2500.

Buy something that you wont feel very sorry to drop once or twice.

Katanas are most recommended frst bikes as they are very forgiving and dont do unwanted wheelies. SV650 & such are very torquey and does wheelies without any clutch.