I'm leaving!


Your AD here!
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....to go to the store, anybody need anything while I'm there?


Sorry, I had to add a bit of levity to this whole ordeal!

Everyone just relax and have fun! :laugh:
I need a a smiley that shows me kicking Projekt's hiney for making me think twice that he was serious. I think you can pick it up on aisle 4. Oh, and chocolate milk would be good, please.
I need some more organic milk in a glass bottle with a blue and red logotype..


Right,right...you mean the good stuff to put in w/ your gas!?? :laugh:

Hey Vonderbach you're out of here now!!

Oops sorry I got carried away.:beerchug::laugh::poke:
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I need something to pulla gixxer 750 out of the river, if i ever have the misfortune of putting one there, that is. Who woulc ever do something THAT crazy though?:whistle: