I'm getting my bike back!!!


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Some of you guys wont agree with it but i have weighed the options. I cant afford an 09 with insurance. Im too picky to buy a used bike from anybody else, so it was either my bike or an 09 and like i said i cant afford the 09. So i got my bike back and $5670. The bummer is the salvage title but now that my bike isnt worth anything i can start drag racing like i wanted too. So i will have her up and running with in a couple weeks. Its only gonna cost me $800 to get it in working order:thumbsup:

Now with that said i need these parts if anybody has them laying around
Black rear wheel
black swing arm
right rider rear set
left passenger peg bracket
stator cover and gasket
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nice If your looking for insurance I can only really suggest two places , State Farm if you already have a policy or get this Viking insurance has pretty reasonable rates. ( Alls considering the bike) I pay out the @ss for mine about $120.00 a month but it's pretty decent coverage and a $500.00 ded. with Viking. I'm not holding my breath if I have a claim though. and if it makes you feel any better most street bikes loose value heavily in the first year. Have fun racing post some videos so I can check it out.
Ya i'm gonna just keep my insurance i shouldnt have any problems. I will post videos when i go to the track:thumbsup:
Make sure you look at the bike real good for any damage you my have missed. Nothing wrong with a salvage title.With a bike it's really easy to end up with one.I would not be scared to ask $6500 for my 04 with a salvage title.
Grats man. Look it over real good and make sure everything that was damaged has been accounted for. :thumbsup: