I'm Back!!!! Kinda.... Ish... Like... I'm On The Board... Stuck In The Corner.


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HI EVERYBODY!!!!! Figured I'd say hi! How's everyone doing? Rubbah still pissin everyone off? Michelle still... Being Michelle? I'm still me... Playing Pawnshop worker (NO I'm NOT Chumlee).


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Brother Ben,how are you? Pawn shop eh...not a bad way to keep food and beer in the fridge.I'm still here,doin my best to piss people off.LOL.



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So what else is going on my wayward Son?

Oh, you know... Carrying on. LOL Kinda on and off of here in my down time. Working on cars lately when off work... Jeep keeps dying... Honda that was made for someone half my size cries and breaks the seat from the strain of a 6'10" 400lbs giant... And still have the old El Camino to restore... So... More money work than I have money... LOL How you been DaD?


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I have been good Sonny. 2 new bikes.etc. "bout the only thing that sucks is my shiddy apartment. O well...
Onward and upward. :thumbsup:



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Michelle will always still be Michelle, which we know you mean = AWESOME!


Good to see you Ben.........
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