IM A FATHER!! Baby girl!!!!

We got her @ humane society.She part alaskan husky+lab mix.
I GUESS THAT MAKES HER a mut.I LOVE HER she is super smart 4 a 3 month old.THEY TOLD ME SHE COULD STAY IN CRATE @ NIGHT BAAAAAA NO DOGGIE MINE GOES IN A CRATE.She has a microchip inplanted in her back you can scan her like a bag of chips.:thumbsup: She did her time in doggie jail now she has new home.She has run of house other than new couch baby girl cant go on couch.



I couldnt stop missing him but decided get a new baby.
Good for you Nightflight. Always better to rescue from the dog jail than buy one. Muts make the best dogs. They are normally smarter than a full blooded one. My Opinion.
Right on! :cheerleader:

Cute pup ya got there. Of course, she won't stay that way long. Within 9 months you'll have a full grown "pup" on your hands.

Not surprising at all that she's learning so quickly. Puppies are like little sponges just waiting to soak up all the education that you're willing to throw at them. Teach her now what you'll want her to know and learn for life and she'll be an honor student.

Congrats on the new addition to the family! :cheerleader:



No training wheels?
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She is cute!!! BTW crates aren't a bad thing for dogs. They like to have their own "den" to sleep in or just to have private time. My dog loved his crate until he got old and arthritic and couldn't stretch out when laying down. Keep up the crate training. Save on puppy accidents too. :) Enjoy your new family member!!
Crates are also comforting to them when you have strangers visit. Just leave the gate open during the day or when you are home so they can go in and out when they want. Then they arent so opposed to it.

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