Illegal exhaust


I had just put a full system akrapovic exhaust on order and when i called today to see if it had come in, I was told by the dealer that he was unable to sell me the exhaust because it says for racing only and the local authorities told him anyone getting tagged for an illegal exhaust would be subject to complete disassembly of the bike at the owners expense to make sure the bike was street legal and he would also be fined. he wanted me to sign a waiver saying I was going to race the bike and he would no longer be responsible for servicing the bike or for any problems caused by this exhaust.. helllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp what should i do
Sign the waiver they are not going to make you take your bike apart to see if it is street legal. More than likely it is just so he has something saying that he told you it is for race only. There is not a big sticker on it say for race only probably just does not meet some kind of noise standard for the street. But look and listen to all the hardlys their bikes are loud and you do see the cops pulling them over just because the pipes are to loud. just my .02
I'm Cali, every state is different, but my bike is technically illegal.  But the cops don't enforce it.  Without dissassembly, how can they tell what is race and what is street.  
If you still feel nervous, talk to a cop in your town and see what he says.  Don't ask if its illegal, ask aboiut how they enforce it. Will they pull you over for an aftermarket exhaust?  Will they look only after you've been pulled over for something else(speeding)?  Will they nail you if your just sitting there revving your bike making lots of noise?
But I agree with jumbo, the dealer is just covering his a$$ so you can't come back at him if you happen to get nailed for it. Keep your stock exhaust, if you get a fix it ticket you can always throw it back on to fix the ticket.

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pshht.. sign it and get on with life.. if he doesn't want to service tell him thats fine cuz it ain't like he's the only damn dealer around.
if your dealer is like the local dealers around here you can probably buy the exhaust your looking at for about half what your getting ready to pay anyway if you'd just search on the internet a little.
Don't worry about it... Never heard of anyone having an issue... Just be careful where you are turning it up at. I have the full yosh system and it will purr if I am nice to it and roar when I get on it...

Not that I was aware of . I have never had a problem in newport or anywhere for that matter but I got rid of myzx11 2 years ago and the busa is my newest bike. I went to suzuki world in warwick and that is where i got the info. It struck me as weird but I didnt want to have my bike towed and dismantled if this is true. I will call state police tomorrow and find the specifics of this and get back to you ..
Order from someone else. Let the dealer eat that one. They should not have agreed to order it for you if they are so damn scary.
Order from someone else. Let the dealer eat that one. They should not have agreed to order it for you if they are so damn scary.
Yeah, sounds like they're gonna fug you on warranty work as soon as you sign that paper. If you sign that, you've agreed that it's a race bike and the warranty will be void. I wouldn't sign shid. As mctrull said, let 'em eat the damned exhaust and buy one cheaper somewhere else.
When I was looking at the '04 Busa's their was a Black/Purple one with Yoshimura RS-3 Cans/carbon fiber ones on it, as well carbon fiber all over, tank, gas cap, etc... same price on the tag 10,599... This was done at dealership... tell him ok you will sign it IF he still will garauntee it, and do the warrenty work... But you want him to install the system, if he will not, then do not get them their go to another dealer and see and first dealer to, do business with them from now on... even it you have to drive 20 50 100 miles....
What is a "Street Legal" bike???

If it has the stock mirrors, lights, and whatever other safety devices, what would make it illegal for the streets. Just askin'.
I bought my full race system direct and brought my bike to the dealer i bought it from they loved it and so did the kid who put the sticker on it!!
Like everyone says go somewhere else those guys sound like dopes.
Definetly buy it from somewhere else. the last thing you want to do is sign away your warranty. Not to mention the money you will save buying it on the internet.
Id just buy the exhaust online and install yourself...not rocket science....(sounds like your dealer is being strong armed by the local police into not doing exhuast mods) Also get the pair mod and powercommander...more $$$ but your ride will run like crap (lean surges and sucky throttle response) without the commander with at least the exhuast specific map created by the exhuast maker. a dyno tuned map is best. Honestly , I had the bolt ons for a couple month without the other stuff and i ever had the choice of just bolt ons with no PC and pair mod vs. stock, id take stock anyday! It ran THAT bad!
Having worked with law enforcement a little while back in mass., ive never heard of that "tear down" law, sounds like urban legend to me. Not to mention, the law refers not so much to a different exhaust as it does to increased noise level (dB). Technically, they can get ya for "altered exhaust", but its never been a problem from what ive seen, as harleys, as terrible as i think they sound, ARE louder with pipes than most crotch rockets but seem to rarely be pulled over. But there ARE towns up in my area (near the north shore of boston more specifically) that have police cruisers sit roadside with decibel meters while running radar so they get a noise level as you pass. You exceed a certain level, you get pulled over. This is probably in response to the ridiculous harleys with straight pipes and rise in the "fast and the furious" bumblebee fart can exhausts on little import cars on the way to the beach and the residents get pissed off.
BTW, is Rhode Island starting to get hard up on these laws? Id like to know for the next time we head down to Newport on the bikes!