Il,iowa,wis ride Oct 7th anyone?

Hey new member here. Does anyone want hook up for a ride on oct 7th ?
I am located in aurora,il

I just rode to Iowa last weekend and put 600 miles on round trip.

Ready to ride again!!!


Mr. January
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GSXCite will be up here for that weekend. We are definately riding somewhere. A few guys here in the Quad Cities should be going too. Whitebusa, my bro Kevin and a few others. Hey, Cy, where are ya?
I dont have a location set ,I am open for suggestions.
starved rock park near ottawa,IL might be nice.
I will ride anywhere .

Would be nice to find a place to meet like a hooters or someother joint.
Hey where is everyone from? looks like rock falls ,IL is about a half way point from northern,IL to Iowa.
There is a bennigans or applebees we can meet at and get some grub!
Anyone coming from chicago can meet up with me in aurora and ride out there together.
What do you guys think?
Nothing here we always go north to the Savana Il area to start finding good roads. From Savana north into Wisconsin is great but around here there is really nothing.
Is everyone cool with rock falls ,IL as a meeting place?
Thats about 110 miles west of me.
we could meet at a local restruant around noonish and then ride north toward savana,IL.


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We should all meet around Dubuque sometime and ride north along the river. Some nice twisties out that way.

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