Ignored the Busa today


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From my GTech meter it is around 386 to the wheels. It silly quick. It's funny though, the Busa makes her seem slow.
All you wrench-turners make me somewhat jealous. I can barely change the oil on the Busa without wanting to wing sockets etc. in frustration across the garage.

Nice cars and :thumbsup: to you guys! :beerchug:


Team Gixxer Racing; IDMBT #1
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The blower install was easier than taking off the right fairing and putting it back on for an oil change...

If you change your own oil on a 08 and later Busa, you are a master mechanic.


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4.6 both have 460hp. Allways liked the lightnings. That your ride. Looks like it can kick some axx.
It does ok, yes its mine. I drive it everyday to work. I need to get back with my tuner on my race tune, my timing is set with what they call slope timing. What that does is it starts out at 7 deg timing then slopes up to 19 deg by the end of the run. Being that the trucks are a heavy pig it needs timing to get it out of the hole. My best 60ft is like a 1.79 which sucks when other Lightings with less HP are cutting better 60fts than mine. The best time so far is 12.30's at 110 mph.
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