Ignition Map


I've installed a pcIIIr and also the map that best fits my bike for the fuel injectors. Now what I'm looking for is a map for the ignition timing. Not sure how much better things will run but I noticed that they are all set to 0 and thought that the option should be used since I have it. Would it afect the TRE that I have put on the bike? I have a 03 black/silver. Any help out there?

if you have a PC3 there is no need for a TRE
-1 in thr 60-80-100%
+3 in the 2-5-10%
it is a good starting point
of cousre if you have a TRE this will be VERY VERY BAD for the bike
The pcIIIr will do the job of the TRE? It will take off the retard as well as the gov? If so then I should take it off and fix the ignition or just leave it as is?

This site amazes me everyone here thinks there is a retard.
All it is,is a why you can gas it without flipping the bike.
If you think it will make the bike faster you are incorrect it has been proven on the track due to you cannnot peg 1ST gear WFO.
The limiter for 99.7% of the world is never going to get banged
have you hit it?