ignition advancer


I was wondering if anyone new what company makes a ignition advancer for a 02 busa? Thanks
PowerCommander IIIr and Yosh EMS, but aren't you already running one of these?
One more option for fuel adjustment is the Teka SFI and Teka EMI efi controller.
I have the yosh box that remaps the fuel injection.  But I thought that it was like on a carbeurate bike that you could change the ignition advancer, I was wanting to change it to a 4 deg advanced.
You have to be carefull advancing the ignition that much without running the higher octane fuels. Could cause the bike to knock and damage the engine. I don't have the newer style powercommander or Yosh EMS so I can't tweak these settings on my bike. I'm pretty sure both of the newer style controllers are modifying your ignition timing. Alot seems to have changed since the days of old. This is why I believe you can't find the old style of advancer for your bike! I could be wrong but everything seems to point to these same conclusion.
I double checked and you can change the timing +/- 11 degrees! Hope this helped................
I don't have the yosh ems I have the yosh fi "adjuster" so it does not mess with the timing. I looked at factory pro and they do not make one for the busa. Someone told me to check out rohmes performance.
Hey Rich, this was taken right off the Yosh site.
The NEW Yoshimura EMS (Electronic Management System) is an evolutionary on board device, designed to adjust fuel and (in most cases) ignition mapping. Yoshimura EMS units come pre-programmed with the optimum mapping for your bike. It comes in a high impact polymer case that plugs right into your OEM connectors. No splicing or modifications are required.

• Profound tuneability allowing direct injector duration control and ignition timing adjustments (Ignition timing adjustments on selected models only).
Busa (00-02) have the ignition feature! Part numbers, 543-9025 & 543-9019.