If you had a CNC Mill, what would you make?


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Custom chain tensioners/axle blocks..

Preferably ones that allow you to use PitBull race stands.. ;)
Not sure but driven makes some. Nobody makes em for the Busa though. They'd be nice for extended guys.


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I had talked with a friend about making some of those recently. I am getting ready to do some engine covers for a different bike with a built in frame slider. I will put it on the list, maybe a all in one pitbull stand holding frame slide axle block.

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A custom silencer for the guns I sold.
Why? Does the person you sold them to want one?
What did you do with all my guns that I sold you?

Some nice heavy duty chain adjusters that were easy and cool looking for a Busa would be nice.

I would probably make the things the govt is fixin to ban. :laugh:


Yes I agree as well heavy duty chain adjusters and custom axle blocks would be nice! Basically if I had the cnc mill I would try to make all the cool goodies they have for the liter bikes but don't make for the busa. Maybe a nice set of quality clip ons that won't smack into the inner dash panels when you attempt to turn or a keyless fuel cap that's designed better than the crummy 1 from vortex. Custom set of levers or lightweight racing rear sets that stand out from the same 1 or 2 brands you see everybody else use :whistle:
How about a nice set of passenger peg hangers? There are some light weight billet ones for other makes/models but not for the busa. You could also knock the mount for the left side muffler off of there for further weight savings. Hint Hint :whistle:

ETA: in black would be nice...
Pistol Grips, Bullet Molds, Scope mounts, Rails, Billet upgrade parts, Knife handles.... Cutting Templates, swaging press parts.... Vise jaws..
Shorter rear brake levers. I hate having to move from the ball of my foot to get to the brake lever. In fact I need one, so............... How long and how much? Maybe just something that is adjustable.

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