If You Could Own ANY (3) Bikes From ur Past....

None of the above? I still have My 82 GS1100E that would smoke all three of those bikes. In fact it would give my busa a run but thats because Its bored to a 1200 with stage 2 jetting. Still a wicked fast bike
you mean bikes i owed.....

i miss my v max.....i still have my turbo zx11 but its been apart for years.....and i always wanted a turbo kaw 750 and a gs1150........if i find a worked gs1150.....i d probably try to deal.


I wasnt always as financially secure as I am now so most of my bikes were junk or compromised for something I really didnt want but really could only afford. The 1 bike I do wish I had back was my 98 CBR 900RR, that was my first real quality up to date bike that solidified my love and enthusiasm for sportbikes. At the time it was stupid fast and could pick up the front end of it damn near anywhere at the drop of a hat. That was the 1st bike where I really started getting into the modding and customizations. Polished frame, aftermarket exhaust, jet kit, custom paint, etc. Still regret having to part ways with her:banghead:


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I miss my 85 Honda Inerceptor, and I still wish I had my 83 GPz1100. It was bored to 1170, wiseco pistons, 38mm smooth bore carbs, that thing would scream at 190hp.


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I miss my B-King more then any other bike I've owned.

2-03 Kawasaki Z1000 with nitrous, what a blast it was
3-m109r, had it all done up right,
I Have the 82 GS850
That bike is almost a carbon copy of my first shaft drive GS1100. I have the chain drive E now. If I could have a bike back it would be my Kawi 750 2stroke. I sold a mint condition version for way to little in 04 and kick myself every time I think about it.
I miss my 85 Yamaha RD350. Two stroke madness it was. UNI filters , bigger jets , installed a front disc brake . I still have it in parts. Someday it shall see the road.



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My First Mini Bike at the age of 5. and My Dad's Honda CBX. Just Two For me. The rest I sold at the correct time, and happy what I replaced them with.



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