If price wasn't an issue...

What exhaust is better the Yosh CF full R77 or the Akrapovic CF full exhaust both are 4-2-1?

I want to know fit and HP gains if anybody knows?

I will either get a PCV or ECU Flasher but that besides the point at this moment...I'm more interested in fit and HP gains

Thanks in advance...


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Check out there websites. Yosh use to post there's but when I started posting those numbers here the website changed. From memory R77 around 5 or 6 ponies. Don't know about the other one. My point is research it on manufactures websites, because they don't tell fishing stories :whistle:


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Yoshimura R&D - TRI Stainless/Carbon Full System

I had this on my gen 1, the carbon fiber finish. Absolutely loved the tone, fit and finish is top notch, plus made a fair bit of power after a custom tune ~8-10 (can't recall the exact number as this was back in 05). It's a full 4-2-1 system.

It's a bit pricey, but damn worth it. Plus you probably won't see anybody running it as it is pricey. $1150.

Oh, and talk to one of the site sponsors, they hooked me up last time.


No contest IMO........ Akrapovic all the way :whistle: from all the posts and threads I read about exhausts the Akrapovic will sound better and produce more ponies


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Both of the two systems you mentioned are very high quality and come from well-respected manufacturers. To me, the Akra comes off as being a little more exotic, but that's just my opinion. Honestly, even if there's a slight difference in power between the two, it'll be so small you probably couldn't tell it. Both systems will have a modest sound at idle, and a nice scream up top. Going on what Do3 said, Yoshimura used to post their dyno charts on the website, but I'm not seeing them anymore. Akrapovic still has their numbers posted, and if memory serves, they are just a little better than the R77.

Get a good tune (don't listen to anyone who says you won't need it), and you won't go wrong with either system.

Also, here's one that I personally like a lot, but very rarely see on the road... M4 Exhaust - Gen II Hayabusa

No matter what you decide to go with, call Justin in the parts dept at Honda East Toledo (419) 891-1230. I've done a lot of business with him over the last year, and he's always great to deal with. Super fast shipping, the best prices, and he's a Hayabusa.org sponsor.

Oh, and remember to post pics no matter what you get! :thumbsup:


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If your bike is stock or basic mods, I would go with the Akrapovic over those two....

However, if you want performance and plan to do more later....I would look at Brock's and TiForce but pick what YOU like... :beerchug:
Bike is stock now, starting with the exhaust and going from there..my other Busa's I had more done just starting out on this one and yes I will post pics!
Well I went with the Yosh R77 bike for overall looks, sound and performance with a pcv and k&n. I will get it all installed soon this weekend is out seeing how my daughter is getting married Saturday.

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