If bikes outnumbered cars?


What would it be like if Bikes outnumbered cars, what would traffic look like? Imagine how it would look to see bikes going into the sweeping turns on the freeway, would we be allowed to do wheelies? Imagine sitting at Chillis sipping your coke while looking out the window to see 5 or 6 bikes going down the freeway in the lane reserved for whillies, 3 or 4 going in the opposite direction!
Very curious thought indeed. I would mostly wonder how it would affect accident rates. Seeing as how a large number of accidents are caused by cars, or the incidents involving cars and motorcycles are high. Very rare that you see motorcycle vs. motorcycle type accidents unless it's at the races, but that doesn't count. I would be willing to bet that insurance premiums would lower if it was solely based on accidents and claims which insurance already does. If motorcycles were better equipped for differring weather patterns, then this would probably be the ultimate driving machine. Just my .02, but it's sometimes worth a million bucks.

It would probably look like a cross between Hanoi and Berlin. Lots of bikes, only much faster.
I was in Taipei, Taiwan where the bikes did outnumber the cars. It was amazing how few accidents there were.
I think it would suck !!!! The people around here are too stupid to drive they'd all die on bikes! Wait a minute I love the idea. It's a perfect world.