Idle spee adgustment....


OK, call me a total prat, but where the heck is the adgustment on my 03, I've looked everywhere, without removing the plastic. A picture would be nice

Andy :withstupid:
Undo the two bolts at the front for the gas tank use the rod from under the backseat to hold the tank up. The idle is on the right hand side. If you are looking down at the bike like you are seating on it. I did the samething
Great, thanks for that.
Which plonker at Suzuki came up with that idea, I can see the board meeting now......." Ahhh so, we must make idle adgustment control harder to find than a Kawasaki that isnt covered in rust...."

Once you find the adjustment, you will see that you can adjust it with out lifting the tank. Use a real long screw driver. In order to do this you need to see the adjustment first.