IDIOT/LOSER of the week .


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I was chattin' with one of the chic's at work yesterday. She's tellin' me she just got divorced from this LOSER . We're chattin' away havin' a great ol' time , when she decides to comment on some of my tattoo's . She's askin' 'bout this one an' that one....blah blah blah . So me, bein' the pervert that I am ask her if she has any tattoo's she'd like to show me .
She says no..."I don't have any tattoo's , but my loser husband got one."

I said , " O ya "

She said , " Ya"

I said , "What of, what kind of tattoo?"

She said , " He got my name tattoo'd on his arm."

I said, " Hey, thats nice....kinda cool."

She said " It would have been better if the fughead had
spelled my name correctly."

I laughed so hard , I nearly died . She laughed too .

All I could do was give her a hug , and a little kiss , and appologize for the stupidity of men .

LESSON : Take wife's/girlfriends birth certificate with you , when planning to visit tattoo parlour.

Now "Loser-of-the-week" travels around with incorrectly spelled reminder of....."THE WOMAN THAT DUMPED ME".

have a good 1.....RSD.
I always tell my students to take mom with you for your first tattoo. And if possible, go to the guy that did hers!