Identify your pics


Dis in my way!
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I had to rebuild the gallery the other night and I think that I have all of the pictures back but I do not know what the pictures are of or who took the pics. There were a few galleries that lobusa, jester, doc and a few others had but I am not sure who had what. Can you guys take a look and let me know who owns what gallery. It will only take me a couple of minutes to change the names.

Thanks all

Uh, Captain...I dunno if yur still up for it but I did have a Sub-album all my own for a little while and administrator rights. But alas, :sad: it's all gone. If nothing else I could prolly help you sort through the dogpile. Might be a place to start... Though I went soon after you posted this thread and looked around but I couldn't find any sign of my own pics... So I may not be of any use... :D
Cap, I have all the pics copyed from the site with all the subtitles and everything. You let me copy them straight from the board. Remember? If I can help let me know.