Ice in TX!


What the heck is going on with the weather? The streets are covered with an inch of ice know I had to go out and see what's up........just a few pics.

this is also why my wife let me get the see her car gets to stay nice and dry with the Busa and my friends R1.

Yea tell me about this crappy weather

it took me almost 5 hrs to get home lastnight and it is only 38 miles
? what is up with that

ice ice go away
so we can out
on the bike and play





I had a friend trying to get out of Dallas last night. When I talked to him it had taken 40 minutes to go 8 miles on the highway. It had to have been really nasty.
Man.......I get to stay home all day "job" called everyone and told us to stay home.......yet I have to go check on most of my soldiers at their homes sometime today.....go figure.
I already did..........but my "boss" would like us to check on our guys and their families..............all 28 of my nuts. I'll check on em tomorrow morning at formation.......seeing as how I already talked to em this AM.
When I lived in Arlington while I was going to school we had a very bad ice storm. They suck. I did see one really funny thing though. I was outside and looked up to see some guy walking towards his car with a steaming bucket of water. Before I could say anything he threw the HOT water on his windshield. I was afrade to go look to see if the glass was still in one piece or not. DON'T DO THAT.
I was riding just yesterday. *brrrrr* Thought about going out this morning, but reconsidered when I was slipping all over the driveway, trying to shovel a path. It is a lot thicker out here for some reason. The streets are completely white.
Depends on what your riding...Huh Higg...Been getting that "Genii Bounce" on...I feel ya brah...
Man this shat is ridiculous...We now have ice in TN...And I've got to go to Memphis for a VA appt. Don't want to miss it almost impossible to reschedule...
For your back? By the way, the Doc told me that they wanted to fuse six of my vertebrae.........then he said "but you're too young and it would probably cripple you"......"stick to lifting weights and see how long you can tough it out". So I bailed and went to the gym. Whatever.