Ice cards or dog tags


Okay here we go....

$25.00 US gets you

1ea. ICE 2.5 x 3 aluminum card.
2ea. dog tags engraved the same (Typically wear one while riding and put the other in tank bag, pocket or key ring.

1 short bead chain for keys
1 long bead chain for dog tag as necklace

I will pay for shipping in the continental US out of this charge.

You Choose if you want Gen I or Gen II artwork
You will need to provide me with the details for ICE card information and message on dog tag.
I will send you the exact artwork that will be used BEFORE I perform the work so you can approve the spelling, numbers and confirm the medical information is exactly as it is needed. Once you approve it then we are solid on the deal.

Anyone interested?

I have Red, Blue and Black in stock...

******** The Gen I artwork will come out in shaded and not in color ******

View attachment 1595200

View attachment 1595201
Yes Captain ready to order.


For you guys that are wanting these just shoot me a PM with the details of what you want, I will do the artwork and send back to your for approval.. Once we have that I will send you the payment info...

This is going to be one of the things I work on this weekend so let me know if you can.

Mine arrived early & were perfect thanks Captain well done.

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