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Just wanted to let everyone know that after my rant of Saturday about the Harley dealership refusing to dyno my bike and my subsequent call to the owner, the service manager called me today and said they can do it. They can't tune it but they can do a baseline dyno run. Two pulls for $65 with full monitoring. I can then make minor adj to my map based on the a/f curve and re-run it.

I know some of you will say don't do it. I am going to do it and here is why. I have a service manual and can show them where the tach pickup and #1 plug wire are. I am going to have the satisfaction of running my bike whenever I want much to the chagrin of the 100hp Harley owners. I have a couple of Busa owners (Moondog and Shibumi) will be in attendance.

We will let know.

Oh man, I sure hope they don't plan on making an example of your Hayabusa.

Harley Dealer: "Oops! Seems the rubber bands we usually use for holding down our 55 HP Harley's snapped and your Hayabusa slingshot off the dyno and through one of our walls! Sorry. Was it fully insured?â€￾

Are we feeling any anxiety yet?
(Naturally, just pokin’ a little fun)

I assume you've confirmed that their dyno actually reads and prints out the A/F ratio/HP/torque as per engine RPM, not as per MPH?

I've seen many of the cheaper dynos readout in MPH and not even provide the A/F ratio, which makes it rather pointless to even dyno in such cases.


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I followed and participated in your prior post.I say by all means do it Don.
I believe that both sides will benefit from it.This is actually good news,besides,it will give them a chance to see that the sportriders aren't bad people just like the way some of the harley riders are percieved.
A 2 way respect/friendship can be made.
(usn04limited @ Sep. 25 2006,15:39) Quasar,
 I asked those questions.  He said they have the lastest version Dynojet dyno with the lastest software.


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Sounds great... the harley dealer out here won't do it either. so, every once in a while I just ride down, park the Busa out front and go wander around the store for an hour or so... some of the salesmen are getting to know me pretty well and they know I wouldn't buy what they are selling. Also, to keep them straight I join a few of their rides during the year, they seem to be getting use to the sportbike among them... I do take a lot of crap, but heck its all in good fun.

Good luck with the run.


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My local HD dealer is cool with allowing Dyno runs. A few of their techs dragrace with me and they race sportbikes. It's the redneck customers that suck.


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That's a fair price, Don. It's well worth that to know the numbers on your bike. Good thing you spoke your mind
Glad to hear you made it. Sounds like you were ready to go the distance in your last posts! Can't wait to hear the results. I have never done that. I would love to one day. Have to find the time for and a place local. Have fun!!

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