I wish i was normal.


Even a caveman can do it.
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I was feeling great yesterday and into last night. That all changed when i woke up this morning. It felt like i was hungover something fierce. I had the cold shakes, felt like i was going to vomit all day and my head was pounding. I was thinking that i was dehydrated bigtime as i don't drink near as water as i need to. So i downed some water and felt alittle better.  Now the pain alternates, if my head aint pounding, my stomache feels queasy. I almost wish i could unload my groceries as i'd probly feel alot better.

I can't for the life of me just stay well. If it aint my kidneys, it's this.
I had to rant alittle, sorry.


I have a busa and might start modding it
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GM, hope you get to feeling better. I came down with a fierce cold last saturday myself (not the flu), but with my herniated disk in my back, everytime i sneeze or cough, if i am standing up, i better make sure that there is something around that i can hold on to, becuase the pain is excruciating from the jerky motion of coughing or sneezing.

have a few
that should help some

Again, hope you get to feeling better soon


yeah me also tryin to fight this and not miss work is hard so far i have done it but chest still hurt
my hours are around (80) a week
I havent had a temp under 101.3 since last tuesday. I have strep throat really bad feel like crap. I havent eaten anything except a few popsicles and some soft serve ice cream. I have dropped 12 pounds though so its a helluva diet.

OOOh took an oxycodone and 3 ibuprofen and now my temp is down to 99.7 WEWT Im getting better maybe I can feed my fat face pretty soon.

Hope ya get to feeling better man.


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