I went too far this time.


I know many of you can identify with what I am about to say.
Last night, I went for a ride. The Busa carried me very nicely all over town and onto some canyon roads. I really enjoyed the ride through the hills as it had rained earlier on during the afternoon and the Sun induced evaporation created plumes of water vapor on the luminous green hillside foliage. As I approached the city from a southern ridge I looked downhill and paused stopping for a second in the middle of the road. Since no one was behind me I just stood there holding the rear brake and took it all in.
Just then some carload of locals approached from the rear and blared their horn at me then went around me so close that their rear bumper actually hit my front wheel that was cocked to the left. I couldn't beleive what just happened as it was totally uncalled for since there was absolutely no oncoming traffic.
Some of you may remember my experience here last year that led to a guy receiving a broken nose and ending up in the hospital courtesy of me. Well that led to a shetstorm and that led to me losing my job. So I try to stay as far off the authority's radar as possible to the point of avoiding calling the police for very legitimate reasons.
I decided to follow these jokers downhill. It was approaching darkness and the light was dim. I left my lowbeam on only instead of the strobes I installed last year relayed off of the high-beam. They proceeded east towards a town 20 kilometers from Sarajevo. It is in Serb country and is a hotbed for political dissidents against the Muslim majority. Since they cut me off in the city which is in the federation and thus predominantly Muslim they must have assumed I was local and felt they could flex their misled superiority on me.
I carry a police telesoping baton on the busa strapped by velcro just between the tank and steering head. Well without really weighing the consequences as I got close to them on the mountain road between Pale and Jahorina I just whipped the baton my left hand to extend it and accelerated so as to pass them. At which point I switched it to my right hand and while parallel to them on a straight stretch in neutral, I smashed the driver's window, the leftside passenger's and the windshield. That made them skid to a stop. For which I was ready. I stopped the bike quickly next to them. I went around the car breaking the headlights, right side windows and rear hatch window as well as the tailights. Now it was dark, and they started to come out of the car. The first guy rushed me and I dodged him to the left, swinging the baton with my right hand onto the base of his neck, he dropped and wasn't moving. The others tried to come out quickly but were moving in slow motion for me with their very predictable attacks. Guy number two was big about 240 and 6'0" he managed to grab the baton as I swung it and he started to pull it down so I pushed it down and knee'd him square on top of the head. He came to his knee and leaned forward putting his head down so I smashed my left fist into the right side of his face striking his temple. The two other smaller guys were coming at me by then, but were together one after the other. First guy goes to throw a right cross punch but I just caught his arm under my arm wrapped him up and dislocating his shoulder and spun him onto his ass while tripping him over my knee. His buddy must have been drunk because he was the slowest one with the weakest attack. He lunged at my pelvis like a wrestler, I just hooked his head under my right arm and laid backward smashing his face onto the gravel and held him until the spasms were over. I never rode so wrecklessly in my life to get home. I quickly changed my clothes and went to the garage to change out the orange body on the Busa for the '03 black and grey body. I called my friend in Visoko to take my baton, jacket, helmet, boots, jeans and plastics to hide in his loft. I stayed with him last night. Then I borrowed his car and went to work.
The morning briefing seemed to be about last night's event exclusively... They speculated that it was an organized crime collection attempt gone too far. No mention of motorcycles. I should be in the clear but I feel bad for the rest of my biker friends if those guys can tell the cops everything that happened. We are going to get a lot of damn attention so I will have to stay off the bike for awhile. For all intensive purposes it was stolen last night from outside my front door, that is if anybody asks what I did last night. I don't know what to do...
Ummmm, don't know what to say other than why would you post all of that up and assume what you just wrote won't be incriminating?
great story but a little predictable, write another one!!

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Pinch yourself, wake the f*^k up, and go to work...
It's only Wednesday...
dude, if that really ever happens to you please don't post your buddy's name where you have your baton stashed on the web.
Chuck Norris wouldn't have had to do all that........'Cause if they hit Chuck Norris' front tire, their car would have instantly fallen apart, and then they would have all run once they'd found out it was Chuck Norris they hit
The oldest brother was 16 years old, 6'0" 240 lbs, and his brothers were ages 8, 10 and 12.


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