I try to avoid buying the first year model run of anything. Busa 08 to present


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I try to avoid buying the first year model run of anything,for obvious reasons.Things sometimes get pushed thru R&D so fast in search of the all mighty corpoate dollar,that things get over looked or even ignored. Sometimes they get it bang on,sometimes not-so-much-so.

The 2008 Busa. Anything not quite up to snuff compared to following years? Or has it remained pretty much unchanged?

As with all vehicles,the first production run can be hit or miss,its only untill tested in a real world enviroment do we the consumer get the whole truth.

Case in point. 1999 Busa compared to my 2007 Busa.

Your knowledge welcomed.

not really apples to apples. the 1999 Busa was the first Busa made. the 2008 was the 9th year of the Busa with a few design and motor changes. so im not sure where ur gettn the first year model from. its not like it was a completely whole new platform like when BMW introduced the 1000rr. they had nearly a decade to fix what wasnt right in 1999.
I think there were just a few recalls or TSB's that included the 08. There was the one about clutch bolts backing out, which is an easy fix. Then there was something about an ignition wire coming loose or needing to be rerouted.... I don't remember exactly, but I think it could cause a loss of power while riding. Then there was the regulator/rectifier replacement program that covered several different Suzuki models, not just for 08. Also a fairly simple fix.
Well thanks GNBRETT.

My point is that HOPEFULLY each model year gets better. I was asking for any technological advances that have been made,from 2008 onward.

Not some philosophical fruit comparison.

If yer not at all curious or concerned about the first production run of something...I have a mint first year chevy vega with ALLUMINUM block for sale.

Or perhaps I could interest you in a sweet Ford pinto (please just ignore fuel tank location)

You'd look good on my first year Ninja...the valves are nice and squishy. Only the finest soft metal was used.

But yer a HP guy right. Get yerself a nice early V-Max...tons of horse power in a chassis made of wet spagetti.

So I guess this thread can be locked. Gnbrett answered my question.

Absolutely no changes have been made from the 2008 Busa to present. Got it. :agree:

ABS brakes for 2013, otherwise, just color/graphics from 08 to present
what color you planning on gettn? man I sure like the black and candy orange 08. imo its the best lookn Busa ever make. kinda wish I bought that bike since that color is so immediately recognizable as a Busa but im balls deep into my gen I so that aint happening and I like the fact that the gen I is a classic but whatever. but if I was lookn for a Gen II hands down id get the black and orange 08.

you can steal them things these days.
To honestly answer your question , front brakes and ABS on the 2013. An improvement vs. an actual fix of a problem. '08 five years and 40K miles strong.