I took a new turbo video on my bike today


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I installed it. it's a Motorhead Stage 2 air to air intercooled kit, I have a big post ont he bike under turbo bike project I think, $7500 for a stage 2 with secondary injectors, air to air intercooler, hugefuel pump, tial wastegate and blowoff, lots and lots of goodies. Full pipe was another$500, i Have dump pipes and full pipe.

Boost Controller i make and sell, gear indicator same thing.



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that is some sweet shid , if you wernt here id a missed it ! thanks !

who did your face plates on the guages ? what color do they light ?

kinda like the idea that blue guaga

es has but the needle and kanji are kinda pink lookin ?

yours are lookin sweet


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Bobby5150 from SH.org did them, he has done a ton of them, haven't talked to him in quite some time, not sure if he is still doing them. They use the stock lights. The needles and everything are stock, red I suppose.

Nice video. I'm suprised you didn't have Beyonce music playin the the backround, with all those posters you have of her in your garage. Make a video with someone ridin next to you so we can 'see' your bike in action.
I especially like the gear indicator.  I almost had a little mishap when I first got my Busa back in the day.  I thought I was in 2nd when I was in first, nailed it, and almost paid for that brainfart.  That was the first day I had the bike.  I learned all about respecting the bike right then and there.

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