I think my wife is trolling

She went on a how 2 fix it site.
She wanted see how to re-rope out umbrella that goes in glass table on patio.Rope opens+ closes the thing.
They told her takes least 3 hours not worth the time.
The said 2 dificult just buy new umbrella the kind we need run $190
She got $5 worth of rope and re did it in 30 min.
Now she intends go back+taunt them because she got it.
Tell herThat Shadetree 57 said, :cheerleader: And to not let anyone tell her that she can't do it or it's not worth the trouble. Good for you mrs. Nightflight, You show em.

Mr Bogus

Trouble Makers Inc.
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ok I will bite... what the heck is a " how to re-rope out umbrella that goes in glass table on patio" ?


Lily's Daddy
the umbrella has a hand crank that uses a rope to open it up and hold it there...npo rope umbrella folds down
table has a 2 inch hole through the middle-- umbrella goes through the hole and rests on a stand or the ground.....:laugh: if i was to re-rope the hand crank i think i would attemt to pull the new rope in, while removing the old one...:thumbsup: she figured it out

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